About Us

As a team of web developers, we constantly strive to refine our craft and embrace the challenges that come with it. We understand the vital role that security and data protection play in today’s digital landscape, and leverage cutting-edge technologies to fulfill these necessities. Our mission is to build web solutions that contribute to the success and expansion of our clients.

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Why We Are The Best

We are not just developers, but innovators who understand that each project has its unique set of needs and requirements. Our strength lies in web-based development, specializing in ‘four-in-one’ projects where we transform a web application into a desktop and mobile app, delivering a cost-effective solution that provides four times the value at the price of a single development. Security and staying at the forefront of technology remain our guiding principles. Even after a project’s completion, we remain within reach, with your satisfaction and success as our true benchmark of achievement


We are not only software developers but also experts constantly evolving with the times. We excel in our commitment to assimilate emerging technologies, which allows us to craft effective, state-of-the-art systems. Our professional ethos is built around offering the finest solutions to our clients and ensuring their satisfaction remains at the heart of our work.



We are an intent-driven team that methodically solves challenges, enhancing our productivity. Strategic foresight allows us to align our efforts towards our goals effectively. By centering our focus on understanding and meeting our customers’ needs, we deliver optimal software solutions. Our ultimate ambition remains the empowerment of our customers’ success.



As a reliable software development company, we acknowledge the paramount importance of security and data protection for our clients. Consequently, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies to bolster data protection. Our goal is to craft top-tier products, prioritizing our customers’ needs with utmost gravity.

Our Work Speaks

Although we have numerous works that we could display, it’s vital to remember that each one mirrors the unique visions and preferences of our esteemed clients. Our primary aim is to turn your dreams into reality, and we’re always on hand to provide guidance and support in shaping the final product if required. To provide a taste of our diverse capabilities, we’ve handpicked four distinct examples from various sectors (news, cuteness, art, and an award-winning complete system with a mobile application).

AI Powered News

The client wanted a website where Artificial Intelligence takes the helm of content creation. This site features categorized, searchable, and highlighted articles, all crafted by AI. Additionally, it offers a comment section, providing an opportunity for readers to engage and discuss the AI-generated content.

For a detailed view of the site, please click on the image.

ACE Dog School

ACE Dog School wanted a website that encapsulates all their services. The site also features dynamic content in the form of a blog, where visitors can leave comments. The website is equipped with email functionality and multiple photo galleries to display the activities and achievements of the school.

For a detailed view of the site, please click on the image.

Zsuzsi Wolf Space Art

Zsuzsi Wolf Space Art wished for a website that reflects her artistic world. The site features categories and a search function to easily navigate through her works. It also includes an image gallery to showcase her art, a support system to facilitate her followers’ contributions, and an emailing system for easy communication.

For a detailed view of the site, please click on the image.


The e-HACCP project was designed to replace a traditional HACCP system with a digital version, as requested by our client. This comprehensive solution involved creating a website and a mobile application that streamlined the process and ensured higher accuracy and efficiency. Please note, this product has since been sold and all rights are now owned by the new proprietor.

For a detailed view of the site, please click on the image.

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Paul Cookson