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As a company committed to superior software and web development, we primarily focus on constructing unparalleled websites. We also lend our expertise to mobile and desktop application development. Our team’s passion is mirrored in their relentless drive to deliver services of exceptional quality. Our pride rests in our work, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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As a web and software development company, our team is ceaselessly driving forward to provide our customers with meticulously crafted software solutions. This field doesn’t tolerate stagnation; progress is our only way forward. Your satisfaction is the metric that matters most to us. We’re here to help you thrive in the business world, primarily through creating exceptional websites tailored to your unique needs. Need a new website, mobile, or desktop application? You’re in the right place. Our know-how, proficiency, and commitment are the essential elements that will turn your vision into reality. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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Seeking software development services? Our portfolio is brimming with diverse options for your consideration. To provide the best service possible, we invite you to articulate your vision and project requirements. We offer a range of basic services, but if none seem to fit your unique needs, feel free to detail what you wish to accomplish. Get in touch with us, let's shape your idea into reality together.

Start of work

After we've received your ideas and requirements for the project, the subsequent step is to delve into in-depth discussions with you. This phase includes finalizing agreements, dissecting the specifics of your project, and ensuring every aspect of our communication is documented in writing for the sake of transparency and accountability. This pivotal stage ensures we comprehensively understand your expectations before we embark on the development journey.

Review and Refinement

Once your project's requirements are comprehended thoroughly, we initiate the validation stage. At this juncture, we create a preliminary version of the project for your review. This is an avenue for you to offer feedback and propose adjustments. We then incorporate these changes, presenting you with an updated project rendition. This iterative process persists until the project aligns with your satisfaction, ensuring the final output mirrors your expectations.

Going Live

The concluding stage of our process is the delivery and launching of the finalized project. The final product, shaped by your feedback, aligns with your expectations and requirements. This phase incorporates important aspects such as search engine optimization for increased visibility, Google Kit setup for analytics and monitoring, and the implementation of necessary security measures for protection. Upon completion, the final project is ready for launch and delivered to you.

Final Tweaks

Post-launch, we understand the possibility of further adjustments. Therefore, we offer a period for additional modifications after the website goes live. This isn't about bug fixes, which are always treated as a priority, but about aligning the website even more precisely with your vision.

Our Prices

Our pricing page displays starting amounts for three basic services we provide. These prices apply if all specified conditions are met. Be aware that prices and deadlines can be influenced by additional modification requests, development time, and other costs. If your vision aligns closely with one of our basic offerings, please complete its corresponding form and include any unique requests or needs. For complex systems or non-web projects, like desktop or mobile applications, please contact us.

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Premium Hosting and Maintenance

Every website we develop is meticulously deployed to a premium Virtual Private Server (VPS) that we manage, located within the client’s country. We also understand the need for consistent upkeep and support post-deployment, which is why we provide an entire year of comprehensive maintenance at no extra cost. This includes 1GB of web storage and 1GB of mail storage. Beyond this first year, we continue to offer this essential service for a nominal fee of €40 annually.

Contact us today and begin the process of turning your dreams into reality. Request a quote and let’s make it happen.